The Case of the Missing Script.

A designer and his trust companion go on an adventure to find a missing script.
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Last Line:

They slowly approached the strange object but as they got within a few feet of it, they felt searing heat emanating from it.

"Hello?" Jeff called at the space craft, but no response came forward.

"Well what do we do now?" asked ben

"We wait". Replied Jeff

"Umm.. for what" Ben asked

"For the chance to take over the world!.. No I'm just kidding, no we wait until it cools enough that we can go in!" Replied jeff

They waited for several hours, but strangely the heat didn't dissipate

"This is getting ridiculous, " Ben said flatly getting bored and getting up

"I'm going to try to find my way back to civilization"

As he turned around he found himself face to face with .... himself but not quiet himself it almost looked like a mirror image but had one critical difference

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