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    A girl with no life

    Added by Shanaly

    A sad but true tale.

    She sat in class pulling out her hairs one by one. NODEEEEEEEEEEEE she said.

    "What?" said the boy beside her with the dashing smile.

    I ... CANT... DO .... IT.. she managed to blurt out, while squeezing the mouse with impressive force.

    "Can I help in any way?" He replied pulling his chair closer to hers.

    She blushed a little, and prayed he didn't notice

    "It's this project, I just don't get it" She pointed at the screen trying to draw attention away from her face.

    "Well, maybe you just need to take a break" he said. He pulled out a notebook and started sketching something. "What are you drawing there?" she asked, her attention now completely off the work she was attempting to do. "Im drawing you." He replies, with a sly smirk on his face.

    "MEE?" she said her face feeling very hot now "Can I see? " she said and tried to reach for the book he was drawing in.

    He quickly pulled it away from her "Not till it's done"

    She fidgeted with her phone feeling a strange combination of gitty, and shy and unsure of what to do with herself.

    After what felt like hours he finally turned the… Read More

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    Added by Shanaly

    A sister and brother wake up in a forest and dont realize 100 years have passed since they have been gone.

    "Hey, you awake?"

    Mitch says, as he nudges Caras shoulder, attempting to wake her.


    Cara mumbles, still half asleep on the dew covered grass of the forest.

    "We should start heading home, I have no idea how long we've been out here, and Mother will be worried if we aren't home by dusk."

    Mitch helps his sister to her feet, and they start off walking through the dense evergreens.

    About an hour passes, and the sun has nearly set when Mitch stops, running his fingers through his hair exasperatedly.

    "What is it?" Cara asks.

    "I know these woods like the back of my hand," Mitch says, "but everything seems different. It just doesn't make sense..."

    "Are we lost?" Cara asks nervously.

    "Don't worry, I'll get us home," Mitch replies, avoiding a straight answer, and he sets off again, but the confidence in his voice is not matched in his face.

    As the continue through the trees, the sun goes down, and the path they're following gets quickly more and more difficult to see.

    "We're definitely lost now." Cara stops, her hands on her hips. Mitch sighs, forced to admit he doesn't know the woods as well as he thought, but as he turns to face his… Read More

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    The Case of the Missing Script.

    Added by Jeff A

    A designer and his trust companion go on an adventure to find a missing script.

    It was a gloomy October Morning, the sun had yet to come out and Jeff, and his friend Ben felt the weight of monotony hang over them as they plugged through there various tasks for the day. A few hours past when Jeff finally stuck his head up and inquired to his partner Ben. "Ben, Where did the script for this project go?" Ben looked at him confused. Being a designer he rarely ventured into the land of scripting and would certainly never take or delete one.

    "I most certainly have no idea where the script could have gone!" Ben replied, "I suggest we ask Batman, he should be able to help us find it."

    "That's not a bad idea!" Jeff replied "But I have no idea where he might be.. Where would such information be kept?"

    "Well, I have Robin's cell number somewhere." said Ben, "let's give him a call."

    Ben pulled out his cell phone and began dialing the number. Meanwhile Jeff looked at him skeptically. "YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE?" to which Ben replied, "I have the number of a super hero, and you're first concern is that I now own a cell.." He replied snidely "While… Read More

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    The Yo-Yo Master

    Added by Jeff A

    The story of a man who left his life to pursue the art of the yo-yo

    It was a cold January day when discovered the yo-yo, though he had a budding family he spend a great many hours mastering the art it. IT consumed his days, and many times his nights. One day he announced that he would depart at once to meet a grand master in the Himalayas.

    Since that fateful day, Ben can be seen popping up in nondescript foreign towns to show off his latest yo-yo tricks only to slip wonderingly into the shadow of nightOn one such occasion the Yo-Yo master showed up in a popular town with a new and interesting trick. He would light his yo-yo ablaze and then flick it among some candles to light them ablaze. No one in the town has seen anything like this before, and many of the folks were both skeptical and excited.

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    this is a test

    Added by james

    this is a test

    test test test

    test 2

    this is a third test

    This is a fourth test.

    It all began with a test but young James knew that. It seemed like getting to the test was almost impossible. In his head he kept saying the words "this is a test", "this is a second test","this is a third test" and the numbers kept getting higher without anything being said.

    As he navigated the maze of hallways that lead to the Test Room, the numbers grew higher and higher, faster and faster, inside his head. There were so many corridors and stairways... was there usually this many stairs? He was just beginning to think he was thoroughly lost, when he saw the big red sign that read "TEST ROOM" above a shiny steel door.

    He paused for a moment unsure whether or not to enter, behind this door could await the key to his dreams and success, but equally possible could be his imminent death.

    Slowly he creaked the door open and within he discovered a pitch black room he stepped inside and the door quickly snapped shut behind him. Startled he tried the door, it was locked.

    "Come down dear, there is nothing to be afraid… Read More

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    The Tankingest Tank of all Tanks

    Added by Ben A

    This story tells of epic adventures of Tank the computer, gallivanting across the interwebs, not doing work, learning about the magic of friendship, and stumbling across the most disturbing images of bums and pitchforks that you can imagine!

    Once upon a time, there was a computer named Tank. He worked at a web design studio, and his job was fairly simple: help the developer develop things. One day he became bored of his job, and decided to go for a stroll in cyberspace. He left his regular tasks, and ventured out in to the vast and mysterious world of the internet...

    the person who ran Tank, an otherwise patient and down to earth fellow came back to tank and found him non responsive. It seemed no matter what combo of keys or mouse clicks he tried he couldn't get Tank to respond.

    Fed up, the developer decided to hard restart tank. He felt bad for doing it since he knew it was really hard on the system, but alas his hands were tied Tank wasn't responding to anything else. So alas he pushed and held the power button, seconds went by then minutes , the developer stared at Tank confused

    "This always works" he thought to himself. perplexed he reached down and pulled the power code, although tank was a laptop and had a battery, he couldn't survive for to long not plugged in.… Read More

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    No matter how far

    Added by Jeff A

    For Timmy it didn't seem how far we went to impress his crush, it never seemed to be enough.

    Timmy was a freshman to high school he was a lanky kid and was incredibly shy. On his first day of school a girl a grade ahead of him caught his eye.

    She was tall and blonde and Scandinavian and perfect in every way. Her Swedish accent made him almost fall over every time she spoke. He immediately knew he must get to know her, but How? They wouldn't have any classes together... Timmy would have to find a creative way to make an excuse to talk to her.

    At lunch time she always sat with her friends, so that was certainly out of the question. She also traveled between classes and to the bathroom with her friends too. But Timmy knew her secret. She didn't tell anyone but she was part of a classics club.

    Timmy had stumbled upon this fact quiet by accident when he had been staying late after school finishing an assignment in the library. As he worked away he heard quiet a racket coming from a nearby room that the students could rent out for meetings. Timmy peered around the corner and low and behold there was his crush, with a few… Read More

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    The Land of Onions

    Added by Ben A

    What if you pulled an onion out of the ground, and it had eyes!?

    It would pull you down to the underworld of onions, where all the onion people live in a vast network or torch-lit caverns, of course.

    Follow young Julie on just such an adventure, and explore the endless mysteries beneath an ordinary farm.

    Julie didn't like onions.

    Her parents were onion farmers, and were famous for their legendary fat, sweet, juicy onions. (Some as big as your head!) Every Saturday they would take a cart piled high with onions to the market, and sell every single one, then they would go home and eat onions for dinner, and after 15 years of this routine, Julie was definitely sick of onions. She would be quite content to never see another one for the rest of her life.

    This was unlikely to happen though, since it was Friday morning, and her mother was rapping on her bedroom door singing the onion picking song. "Coming mom!" she groaned and dragged herself out of bed, dressed, and ambled downstairs. Her mom had already served her a plate of fried eggs (and onions) which she munched down.

    "Dad is out getting Jack ready, meet us in the east field when you're ready, ok?"

    "Mmkay" she replied, her mouth still full.

    A few minutes later, Julie had her boots on, and was walking out to the east field. She could see Jack the donkey, with the onion cart behind him, and her parents, both hard at work picking the ripest, fattest and juiciest… Read More

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    The Girl In The Green Land

    Added by Excelia

    Story of our beloved earth on alternate universe

    On the alternate universe, the world that we know is very different. Our earth is divided in two section, the green and the brown land. The green land has everything to sustain the human life on earth, fertile soil, water source, pleasant weather, animals, plants, trees, it's a living paradise. Meanwhile The brown land is a living hell, extreme hot and cold weather, desert alike condition, with almost limited plants and trees that will survive in such condition. Limited plants means a few animals will survive in this area which gives human limited source of food. Water and food would be the main reason  human killing each other to stay alive. So, why there are human living in the brown land?

    Why don't they just move to the living paradise and live happily ever after like every tale that have been told.  

    The reason for the inequality? Greed. The green land dwellers have long seem themselves as superior forcing those who they deem to be beneath them to leave. These people include everything from criminals to the poor. Those who live in the brown land are not free from persecution there however. The government of this… Read More

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    The Yo-Yo Master

    Added by Jeff A

    The story of a man who left his life to pursue the art of the yo-yo

    It was a cold January day when discovered the yo-yo, though he had a budding family he spend a great many hours mastering the art it. IT consumed his days, and many times his nights. One day he announced that he would depart at once to meet a grand master in the Himalayas.

    Since that fateful day, Ben can be seen popping up in nondescript foreign towns to show off his latest yo-yo tricks only to slip wonderingly into the shadow of night

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