The Tankingest Tank of all Tanks

This story tells of epic adventures of Tank the computer, gallivanting across the interwebs, not doing work, learning about the magic of friendship, and stumbling across the most disturbing images of bums and pitchforks that you can imagine!

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Last Line:

Developer left the office and headed over the local arcade where Ben liked to hang out. He opened the door and heard the familiar sound of the clanging bell overhead. It had always been lost on Developer why the arcade owner has installed it, as it was barely audible over the various sounds coming from the machines. "Alas" he thought to himself, "maybe it lent to his nostalgia has his shop does. At any rate it fits the ambiance"

Developer took a quick look around the room. Arcade cabinets lined the walls of the dimly lit room and created narrow fills between the rows. at the far side of the room a small counter stood with a laptop computer standing in stark contrast to it's dated surroundings. The owner an older man stood behind and waved to developer kindly when their eyes met.

"You're looking for Ben right? He's on the flight simulator in the corner!" he called over

"Thanks Steve!" Developer replied and made his way between the isles on his way he stumbled upon a machine with a logo he didn't recognize "Tanks". On it's screen a small icon that appeared to be a script flashed and disappeared. "That looked like my script" Developer said wide eyed, and then chuckled "It was probably just a gitch these machines are getting old".

He made his way over to where Ben was sitting his eyes transfixed on the monitor in front of him.

"Ben!" Jeff called bit Ben didn't move

"BEN!" Jeff said louder this time but again Ben didn't budge.

Fed up, Jeff walked over to where the machine was plugged in and pried the heavy cord out of the machine. At once the screen flicked off and a slight static noise came from it as it's energy discharged.

"Hey! What did you do that for?" Ben asked annoyed.

"We need to talk, things are acting strange at the office, and I seem to be missing a script." Developer replied.

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