No matter how far

For Timmy it didn't seem how far we went to impress his crush, it never seemed to be enough.

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At lunch time she always sat with her friends, so that was certainly out of the question. She also traveled between classes and to the bathroom with her friends too. But Timmy knew her secret. She didn't tell anyone but she was part of a classics club.

Timmy had stumbled upon this fact quiet by accident when he had been staying late after school finishing an assignment in the library. As he worked away he heard quiet a racket coming from a nearby room that the students could rent out for meetings. Timmy peered around the corner and low and behold there was his crush, with a few other students making a Papier-mâché statue. This wasn't her regular crowd of friends, and a few he even knew!

"At last!" he thought to himself "A chance to finally talk to that girl!" Now all he needed was to get into the club.

In his school many clubs were open to all students, however classics unfortunately was not. You had to have at least one classics related course, or be invited by one of the members. Although Timmy knew a few of them, he didn't think they would be willing to let him in. He'd have to find another way.

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