The Girl In The Green Land

Story of our beloved earth on alternate universe

The tale so far...



On the alternate universe, the world that we know is very different. Our earth is divided in two section, the green and the brown land. The green land has everything to sustain the human life on earth, fertile soil, water source, pleasant weather, animals, plants, trees, it's a living paradise. Meanwhile The brown land is a living hell, extreme hot and cold weather, desert alike condition, with almost limited plants and trees that will survive in such condition. Limited plants means a few animals will survive in this area which gives human limited source of food. Water and food would be the main reason  human killing each other to stay alive. So, why there are human living in the brown land?

Why don't they just move to the living paradise and live happily ever after like every tale that have been told.  



The reason for the inequality? Greed. The green land dwellers have long seem themselves as superior forcing those who they deem to be beneath them to leave. These people include everything from criminals to the poor. Those who live in the brown land are not free from persecution there however. The government of this planet comes through and taxes them. Those who can not pay are executed. It was into this world that Alex was born.

Alex was small for her age at 13 years old she stood only 4 feet tall; She made up for this size difference with brains. When she was only 5 she passed the standardized testing that was given to all girls her age with ease. Following this testing she breezed through the academy a place where all children stayed in their early years learning what they would need for life. Unlike the earth we know the academy only taught children what was critical for the time. If they needed miners then children were taught of ore and to mine. Alex was being trained to do landscaping..


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