The Land of Onions

What if you pulled an onion out of the ground, and it had eyes!?

It would pull you down to the underworld of onions, where all the onion people live in a vast network or torch-lit caverns, of course.

Follow young Julie on just such an adventure, and explore the endless mysteries beneath an ordinary farm.

The tale so far...



Julie didn't like onions.

Her parents were onion farmers, and were famous for their legendary fat, sweet, juicy onions. (Some as big as your head!) Every Saturday they would take a cart piled high with onions to the market, and sell every single one, then they would go home and eat onions for dinner, and after 15 years of this routine, Julie was definitely sick of onions. She would be quite content to never see another one for the rest of her life.

This was unlikely to happen though, since it was Friday morning, and her mother was rapping on her bedroom door singing the onion picking song. "Coming mom!" she groaned and dragged herself out of bed, dressed, and ambled downstairs. Her mom had already served her a plate of fried eggs (and onions) which she munched down.

"Dad is out getting Jack ready, meet us in the east field when you're ready, ok?"

"Mmkay" she replied, her mouth still full.

A few minutes later, Julie had her boots on, and was walking out to the east field. She could see Jack the donkey, with the onion cart behind him, and her parents, both hard at work picking the ripest, fattest and juiciest onions and loading them in to the cart. She joined them with a "good morning" to her father (who was so engrossed in onion harvesting that he clearly didn't understand a word that was said to him) and she headed down to the end of the row she would harvest first. On the way there, she noticed an onion a few rows over that looked rather magnificent, even to her eyes. It wasn't supposed to be harvested until next week, but she just couldn't resist. She hopped over the rows of tall green stalks, bent down, and gave it a tug. At first it didn't budge, so she placed a foot either side of the enormous bulb and yanked hard. The onion popped free with a shower of dirt, and to her utter surprise, glared at her angrily with big black eyes.

She fell over in shock, staring at the onion with eyes (and a small, rooty, man-shaped body) and before she could call out to her parents, the onion-man grabbed her hand and dove back in to the hole he had come out of. He was incredibly strong for his size, and she was dragged helplessly down what felt like a long, twisty tunnel.



When she emerged at last her surroundings felt damp and cold. It was still quiet dark and she couldn't make anything out, but all around her she could hear voices. She listened intently hoping to get a sense of why they had brought her here.

"Le to nna htlos" she heard one little voice say

"Kol to non htlos" another replied sounding exasperated.

Julie started to feel a familiar emotion rising up in her: Panic. Though she would never admit it, Julie was afraid of the dark, and now she found herself in a weird place being held captive by what she had thought was an onion.

Her eyes filled with tears and she yelled "What do you want with me? Please bring me home" she could hear her cries echo throughout the cavern and as they faded complete silence fell upon her ears.

After what felt like hours one of the voices started speaking again only this time in english.

"Young lady, your kind has been removing us from our homes for some time now. We mean to bring you no harm, but to simply wish to make you see the error of your ways."

Somewhere in the distance she though she heard a snicker and then a slapping sound

"Now why don't we make you more comfortable." and at that she felt her hand get picked up and she was whisked away. Finally she came to a stop and waited. She could hear some rustling from somewhere in the darkness and then there was a blinding flash of light and a woosh. One of the creatures lit what appeared to be a torch.

"We don't use light down here since our flesh is very sensitive to it, and rely largely on sound but I understand you humans require light." Came a soft voice

As her eyes adjusted she could make out the shape of another one of the onion people. This one was much bigger then the one that had dragged her before it's flesh was brown and it had the same black eyes.

It approached her and she instinctively recoiled.

"Now don't be frightened dear, I have no desire to hurt you." It held the torch out to her.

"Here take this and I'll lead you to see our ruler"

She took the torch delicately from him and looked around the room. It was mostly empty a small shelf sat in one corner beside it a desk and a stool. She thought it puzzling that onions would need such commodities. Especially when they used no light. On the other side a strange wooden statue.

The onion must have followed her gaze and spoke up

"That's our leader, no one has ever seen him mind you but he is apparently very grand."

"I thought that's who you were taking me to see? " Julie asked puzzled

"You are going to see he who has been blessed with the ability to receive the leaders word" Julie was still puzzled by this but just as she was about to ask more questions her escort whisked past her and grabbed her hand once more. She had nearly dropped the torch he pulled her so fast.

"Now we really must be off, no time to waste"


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