A sister and brother wake up in a forest and dont realize 100 years have passed since they have been gone.

The tale so far...



"Hey, you awake?"

Mitch says, as he nudges Caras shoulder, attempting to wake her.


Cara mumbles, still half asleep on the dew covered grass of the forest.

"We should start heading home, I have no idea how long we've been out here, and Mother will be worried if we aren't home by dusk."

Mitch helps his sister to her feet, and they start off walking through the dense evergreens.



About an hour passes, and the sun has nearly set when Mitch stops, running his fingers through his hair exasperatedly.

"What is it?" Cara asks.

"I know these woods like the back of my hand," Mitch says, "but everything seems different. It just doesn't make sense..."

"Are we lost?" Cara asks nervously.

"Don't worry, I'll get us home," Mitch replies, avoiding a straight answer, and he sets off again, but the confidence in his voice is not matched in his face.

As the continue through the trees, the sun goes down, and the path they're following gets quickly more and more difficult to see.

"We're definitely lost now." Cara stops, her hands on her hips. Mitch sighs, forced to admit he doesn't know the woods as well as he thought, but as he turns to face his sister, he catches sight of a distant light, twinkling between the tree trunks.





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